Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Betting: 6 Ways Lewis Hamilton Can Win The Formula One World Championship

Lewis Hamilton knows what it's like to go into the final race of the season with a shot at winning the championship.

Sunday's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be the fifth time in his nine-year F1 career he's experienced the pressures of a down-to-the-wire title fight. He's won some and lost others, but never before has he come from behind to snatch the championship at the last chance.

With odds of 4.50 on taking the title, his chances seem slim. But there are a few ways he could pull off the improbable to claim his fourth title.


Rosberg retires...

There's no question that Hamilton's best chance of winning the title is if Rosberg drops. Technical trouble, for example, could intervene. But aside from Hamilton's power unit failure in Malaysia the Mercedes have been reliable in races this year.

A collision with another driver would seriously jeopardise Rosberg's chances, too. But for that reason he will be unwilling to risk much in wheel-to-wheel combat.

And even if Rosberg does fail to score, Hamilton must still finish inside the top three to become champion.


...or gets away slowly

The Mercedes drivers have been plagued by sluggish starts all year. Hamilton has fared slightly worse than Rosberg, but both have been vulnerable to not getting away well.

The pressures of a standing start will be amplified by the championship situation. A stuttering getaway for Rosberg may doom him to a painful afternoon in the midfield.


Red Bull to the rescue

If Hamilton wins the race he will take the title only if Rosberg fails to join him on the podium. Which two cars could separate them? The Red Bull pair seem the best bet.

Yas Marina's long straights won't suit the RB12 well but its many slow corners will. Hot temperatures should give them the edge over rivals Ferrari.


Giving a helping hand

The usual Mercedes one-two won't do for Hamilton. If that's how the race looks like finishing he may have to get creative and back his team mate towards the chasing pack in the hope a car or two will overtake him.

This is a dangerous strategy, however. It would give Rosberg a chance to pass him, and if the pair collide and retire Rosberg will become champion.


Last-lap collision

The pair have tangled more than once this year. In Spain they put each other out on the first lap.

Four races later they clashed again, this time on the final tour. Hamilton prised the lead off Rosberg who slipped to fourth place with a damaged car. A repeat of this would make for an incredible championship decider.


Rain in Abu Dhabi

As Brazil and Monaco demonstrated, Hamilton is in a completely different class to Rosberg in wet weather.

Fortunately for the points leader the season finale is held in Abu Dhabi, which gets an average of 0.3 millimetres of rain in the whole of November. Best not to count on the weather, then.

Keith Collantine is the editor of Formula One blog F1 Fanatic