Craig Moore’s English Premier League Week 3 Preview: Arsenal To Take The Points At Anfield

Liverpool v Arsenal | Monday, August 28, 1am (AEST), Anfield, Liverpool

To be totally honest, I don’t know what to expect from this match which might make it very special.

Arsenal and Liverpool haven’t shown anybody this season their inconsistencies are a thing of the past.

They’ll play some exciting stuff throughout the season but I have no doubt supporters and the managers will get a few more grey hairs.

If they can’t reach a consistent level, they won’t be winning and the title won’t be within reach.

Sadio Mane (pictured above) has shown when he is onsong, he’s a real livewire.

He has goals and something different and will be looking at taking his game to a new level.

The interesting thing with these players that have shown their quality over a couple of seasons is can they turn it to a situation where we talk about them every week?

Are they contributing and involved in their team’s big moments week to week?

These type of guys become players of real interest and with such high standards set by the likes of Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo, the guidelines are pretty clear to be world class.

The challenge is there for many and even if they don’t get there, the journey is exciting for us all to follow.

#WengerOut trending on social media is pretty boring really. 

The man is Arsenal and the players are the ones that need to change things.

You dominate the game in the manner they did and still lose the game, that is certainly not a Wenger issue but a player’s mindset.

You must win games you dominate or you don’t stand a chance.

Wenger has a good squad with some great young talent. The players are the ones who need to stand up and be counted now though.

KEY BATTLE: Jordan Henderson v Aaron Ramsey

Midfield tussle and the question is whether the range and control of Henderson can overshadow the willingness of Ramsay (pictrued above) and his forward runs.

Ramsay can ask more questions in front of goal and his desire to get into goal scoring positions and create for his teammates will have him shading this one in my opinion.

The Verdict 

I have a sneaky feeling that Arsenal will put a game together that will be impressive and good enough to win this at Anfield.

They’ll be presented chances and it’s important they defend well.

That could be the trend and the result will be in favor of Arsenal.

Unibet Odds: Liverpool 2.15 Draw 3.50 Arsenal 3.35

Tip: Arsenal 

Correct score: Arsenal 2-1

Bournemouth v Manchester City | Saturday, August 26, 9.30pm (AEST), Vitality Stadium, Bournemouth

Bournemouth will compete and they’ve this before and survived at the top level so you certainly shouldn’t write them off.

The Cherries though, will be up against a fired-up Man City who will be disappointed by the missed opportunities at home to Everton.

Despite the short turnaround for City, they won’t be vulnerable here.

They have a deep squad and to be able to challenge and be competitive every week which is the aim, the short turnaround and vulnerability would only be there if they were going to be pretenders rather than contenders.

Man City can bounce back in style as they continue to build on a good second half performance against Everton.

The Verdict

Man City will have to work and earn the result against the Cherries but the hunger and quality will be in sync which will be too strong to resist.

Bournemouth will need to perform well to keep confidence for the season but I see them losing a third straight here.

Unibet Odds: Bournemouth 10.00 Draw 5.50 Manchester City 1.30

Tip: Manchester City 

Correct score: Manchester City 3-1

Newcastle United v West Ham | Sunday, August 27, Midnight (AEST), St.James’ Park, Newcastle

Newcastle might be 0-2 and while it isn’t time to panic, if you’re a Geordies fan, you do become a little restless.

They would have wanted points on the board now for sure.

Whether that was home to Spurs or away to Huddersfield you would want to be on the board with three points.

They need to be winning games like this at home if they want to compete and be able to play with a level of confidence that keeps them at EPL level.

Nothing worse than fighting all season and points are needed now.

The Verdict

Newcastle can get their first win of the season but will need to be at their best.

West Ham may have lost but Javier Hernandez (pictured above) scored twice and showed his reactions in front of goal are still first class.

Unibet Odds: Newcastle 2.30 Draw 3.40 West Ham 3.10

Tip: Newcastle 

Correct score: Newcastle 2-0

Manchester United v Leicester City | Sunday, August 27, 2.30am (AEST), Old Trafford, Manchester

Man Utd’s all-round game has put teams on notice so early on.

Paul Pogba has started exactly how you would want him to and Nemanja Matic has added strength. 

Goals and threats in the final third are coming from all directions and defensively they aren’t conceding, so pretty complete at this time.

No doubt that will be tested more but so far they’ve answered any questions thrown at them.

Leicester have started off playing with the fire and energy that they enjoyed so much two years ago. 

Big ask here but if you continue to have Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and Shinji Okazaki asking questions then Man Utd will be working here.

The Foxes will look dangerous at times but should be worked over defensively which will be too much in the end.

KEY BATTLE: Romelu Lukaku v Shinji Okazaki 

Battle of the strikers and both in form and scoring.

Lukaku should benefit from more opportunities at home and can increase his goal tally.

Okazaki (pictured above) has had a great start and is two from two, so will keep United’s defenders on their toes.

The Verdict

Man Utd seem to be rampant at the moment but they’re playing a team who has started the season well.

I do expect Man Utd to be too strong at home but they’ll need to continue in the form they have been in and not get sloppy.

If they do, Leicester can do some damage.

Unibet Odds: Manchester United 1.28 Draw 5.50 Leicester City 12.00

Tip: Manchester United 

Correct score: Manchester United 3-1 

Chelsea v Everton | Sunday, August 27, 10.30pm (AEST), Stamford Bridge, London

Conte certainly was clever in how he adapted and Cesc Fabregas (pictured above) will be a little nervous as to whether he just waltzes back into the starting line-up after a great result against Spurs. 

David Luiz showed his versatility but I do expect him to slip back into the defensive three

Fabregas does add some real experience in the middle of the park and Conte will be pleased he is available again.

Former Swansea star Gylfi Sigurosson (pictured above) can be a star for Everton for sure. 

He can play in all the attacking areas with a great goal scoring record.

His most effective area is behind a striker and this is where he also scores most of his goals.

Everton have always had players that are good at breaking from deeper positions and getting goals. 

It seems to really suit the style and energy of how Everton play. 

KEY BATTLE: Wayne Rooney v David Luiz 

Rooney (pictured above) has started off how I think he would have, proving to plenty of people he’s still a top drawer.

Luiz is a very good player but at times has had defensive meltdowns.

Thankfully he looks the type of player that has no issue with confidence and always seems to bounce back.

This will be a great tussle and the win can go with David Luiz because I expect Chelsea to come out on top. That though, might not keep Rooney off the scoresheet.

The Verdict 

Chelsea are in the groove after a great win against Spurs and they won’t be shocking their home fans twice in three rounds.

Back to winning ways and a pretty solid start to the season.

Unibet Odds: Chelsea 1.40 Draw 4.75 Everton 8.00

Tip: Chelsea 

Correct score: Chelsea 2-0

Tottenham v Burnley | Monday, August 28, 1am (AEST), Wembley Stadium, London

Only time will tell if not playing at White Hart Lane will hurt the Spurs this season.

I have certainly seen teams move to a new facility really take some time to settle.

What you need to remember is it’s new to everyone and a first-class facility.

That means your opponent also loves to play there and can enjoy the occasion.

If that team and players settle in well into your new stadium the confidence and performance can come and really knock you off your stride and have you dropping points you previously hadn’t.

This is a challenge but Spurs will need to put that to bed and start by bouncing back here against Burnley.

Over time, former Ajax defender Davinson Sanchez (pictured above) will be good for the Spurs. 

He’s very young and will take time to settle in the EPL.

The Dutch league isn’t what it used to be and the pace of the English game along with the power needed defensively takes a little time to adjust.

I do believe he can have a good future in the EPL though, as he has scope for sure. 

KEY BATTLE: Harry Kane v Sam Vokes 

Kane (pictured above) can really launch himself into this one but Vokes (pictured above) with two against Chelsea certainly showed his capabilities.

The way I see this game playing out though, I have to go with a Kane Victory and maybe a goal or two.

The Verdict 

Tottenham being convincing at home and putting the doubt of new facility, new history to bed and saying ‘this is our home’ with an emphatic victory.

I’m sure that is what every Spurs fan wants to see.

 Unibet Odds: Tottenham 1.25 Draw 5.75 Burnley 13.00

Tip: Tottenham 

Correct score: Tottenham 3-0

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