Russell Barwick’s NRL Round 5 Takeaway: Bozo's High-Flying Eagles Continue To Soar

Hands up who picked the current top 4 teams as being in the current top 5???

Sure we all had Melbourne in there somewhere, the Cowboys yes, maybe the Roosters, but I reckon nobody, not even the St George-Illawarra Dragons, would’ve had his mob sitting third on the table after five weeks, with fours wins and one loss.

Kudos to the entire team and especially coach Paul McGregor who was the favourite to be first coached sacked.

Nobody also had Manly in the top 5, not even Bozo.

Which brings us to the best match of round 6 coming up, Manly vs St.George Illawarra.

Yes the best match is this one and when the smarties did the draw they thought let’s hide this one on a Saturday arvo at Lottoland (Brooky) and play it at 1pm. What?

A few other things worth mentioning.. 

Danger signs are appearing, at least in my opinion, at Brisbane, Parra (the breeze your supporters are feeling, is actually the air bursting from the bubble) and Penrith while the obvious problems are continuing at the Tigers

Maybe Jason Taylor wasn’t as bad as the players made him look.

For a team with supposedly new ideas and freedom from JT’s coaching style, they’ve had no idea the past fortnight.

When Ivan Cleary does actually sign, he’ll have his work cut out.

I’m a firm believer that one swallow doesn’t make a summer and the Warriors are yet to prove to me that Kieran Foran (pictured above) will turn things around.

He was good, but the rest were average and the got out of jail against the Titans.

A couple of their big forwards were just signposts in the first half. 

The next month will be the real test for the NZ side. They play Parra next week, then the Raiders, Roosters, Melbourne and Penrith.

The Sportsguy predicts they will be lucky to win one. 


Not sure what was done or said across the previous seven days but I know I would never poke the bear that is Des Hasler (pictured above) because his ability to get his players to turn it around is amazing.

Maybe he offered to buy them all coffee for a week (Des is notoriously tight with his $$), but they played inspiring footy in horrendous conditions on Thursday and maybe, just maybe turned their season. 

Round 6 Predictions

The Ernie and Bert. Melbourne to continue their winning ways, this time against the Grand Final winners Cronulla.

Under the Odds: Brisbane shouldn’t be favourites against the Roosters.

Over the Odds: Newcastle at home might give you a sight, def with the start.

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